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With all the holiday magic in the air, the last thing you want to be doing is wondering where to watch the ball drop come New Year’s Eve in Colorado. Winter is the most glorious time of year in Colorado. The abundance of beauty flooding from the Rockies makes Colorado’s front range a dream destination once the seasons change.

With so many reasons to be in Colorado during the holiday season, it’s quite common to overlook the minor detail of “where to watch the ball drop” on December 31st. We don’t want you to miss out on all the festivities, so here are some New Year’s celebration ideas in a few of the major Front Range cities.

Igniting Those Resolutions in Denver

If you find yourself in Denver wondering where to watch the ball drop this New Year’s Eve, you’ll have no shortage of options. Rest assured, spending the holiday in Denver promises the full array of festivities. From fireworks and light shows to museum exhibitions and art shows, Denver is prepared to make this New Year’s one for the books.

Here’s a full list of events to assist in your planning.

Hoan in on New Horizons in Boulder

Moving up the Colorado front range to Boulder, you’ll escape the big-city hustle and still be left with an assortment of New Year’s celebrations to choose from. Try out a new scene with options ranging from the mystery and class of a local speakeasy to the electricity and style of a nearby funk disco. When 2023 arrives, you can shake off that party haze with a day-one hike in the beautiful Boulder foothills.

Here’s a full list of events to make your New Year memorable.

Wishes for You and Yours from Fort Collins

If you end up as far north as Fort Collins trying to find out where to watch the ball drop on 2022, you won’t have to look long. Start your night early in the heart of Old Town Fort Collins for dinner and a family-friendly kids countdown, then leave the kids with the grandparents and put on your best dress for a midnight gala. There’s an event for all desired degrees of celebration.

Here are a few New Year’s celebrations to fill out your itinerary.

Make Your Colorado New Year’s One for the Books

Colorado is a big beautiful state with endless opportunities for fun and adventure. This potential is not halted by the winter cold, rather, Colorado comes alive with the snow. Don’t set out on your holiday trip to Colorado until you’ve ironed out where to watch the ball drop while you’re here.

Be sure to hang around into the New Year – we’ve got all the info on how to make any time of year enjoyable in Colorado.

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