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There are many benefits of staging when listing a home for sale. A properly staged home will look more “move-in ready”, and this creates a better first impression. A staged house also looks better when photographed which makes the home more appealing for buyers who are shopping online. When selling your home, staging is a small investment that can have a major impact.

Recent studies suggest that homebuyers decide if they are interested in the first thirty seconds of entering a house. Staging a home will help prospective buyers imagine living there which can make the property more instantly appealing. Also, because staged houses look more complete than empty ones, they typically command higher sale prices. When homes are professionally staged, they also sell quicker than non-staged homes, according to data compiled by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Staged Homes Sell Sooner

In 2007, the Real Estate Staging Association conducted a study using a group of vacant homes. These properties had been on the market for an average of 131 days before being taken off the market, staged, and relisted. The study found that the new properties sold in less than half the time than they were on the market before with the newly staged home selling in an average of just 42 days. When the study was repeated in 2011 in a more competitive market, the speed in which the vacant properties improved. Staging a home resulted in selling the properties in 73% less time.

Staging A Home Nets Higher Returns

One reason many people decide not to stage their home is they do not wish to spend any more on selling a home. However, the staging a home often has a large return on investment. When a home is professionally staged, the cost is usually between one and three percent of the asking price. According to the National Association of REALTORS, the typical return is eight to ten percent. With this in mind, the upfront costs of staging a home are more than worth the investment.

Between selling your home faster and the higher final sale price, staging a home is definitely worth the investment. Learn more about the powerful impacts of staging your home by contacting a realtor today!

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