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When selling your home, it is crucial to avoid common selling mistakes. By following these tips, you can ensure you get the best possible return on your investment.

Selling Your Home Mistake #1: Avoid becoming emotional or sentimental about the sale

Although the initial decision to sell your home maybe be wrought with emotion, once the decision is made it is time to view selling your home solely as a business transaction. There will be plenty of times to be nostalgic for your house later, but during the process of selling your home, it is important to put these feelings aside. If you start to think about the hard work of replacing the kitchen flooring or the pride in repairing the bathroom sink, it will be very difficult to properly price and prepare your home for the market.

Home Selling Mistake #2: Fix problems (or price accordingly)

The decision to sell your home may have slowed down the desire to continue regular home maintenance, but homes with repair issues tend to take much longer to sell. Additionally, houses that require extensive repairs can often see the sale fall through in the late stages, such as after an inspection. These late-minute sale-cancellations can be costly for the seller, which is why it is important to address home repair problems before listing the property. If you are unable to complete the necessary repairs, it is important to work with your agent to price and market your home accordingly.

Selling Mistake #3: Don’t overprice your home (and/or refuse to negotiate)

Every seller wants to get the highest possible price for their home, but it is important to let the housing market determine the home’s value. If you find yourself being sentimental about the sale, then it is possible you are letting your emotions dictate the price. Another issue could be allowing your financial situation to determine how much you are willing to accept. Your real estate agent will prepare a market analysis that includes the value of similar homes in your area, and this research should be your guide to selling your home. Also, consider how homebuyers will search for your home online. Pricing a home at $301,000 will prevent searchers with a $300,000 budget from finding and considering your listing.

Mistake #4: Only use high-quality photos

Because so many of your home’s prospective buyers will see your listing online first, it is important that anyone selling a home include high-quality photos to make a good impression. In addition to excellent exterior shots, it is also important to include the surrounding property as well as quality interior photographs. You may consider hiring a photographer or professionally staging your home.

Selling your home is a difficult decision, and the path is a long and winding road. With the right guidance, you can avoid these common home selling mistakes. To connect with an experienced real estate agent, fill out a contact form today!

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